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The Site-light 911 Guardian

Guardian Emergency teams for years have been doing their best to save lives and are getting faster and more reliable due to new security systems installed in households around the world. However in some cases,emergency teams do not arrive on the scene fast enough and tragically lives are lost. The 911 emergency slogan is "When Seconds Count." Even with their advanced training and state of the art equipment, emergency teams can arrive at the scene too late to help. This is because many homes have hidden driveways or are difficult to spot from the road. The 911 guardian can help.

911-guardian is a light that can mount to the roof or other high point of a house or commercial building where it can be seen from a distance and help emergency vehicles find it. A light can also be placed on a post near the road if there are trees obscuring the view of the house. The guardian uses new state-of-the-art LED lights that will light up the neighborhood during an emergency. The 911 guardian is connected to your phone and reacts when you dial 911. The light will flash red, blue, and white and emit a loud alarm that will notify neighbors - including any off-duty law enforcement or medical personnel that might be in the area - who may be able to offer assistance. This way, people can show up to help while waiting for emergency vehicles to show up.

The 911-guardian is battery operated and comes with a solar panel that will help keep the batteries charged. The system will also emit a signal that newly equipped emergency vehicles will be able to find on radar and arrive at the scene that much quicker. The 911-guardian can also be intergrated with most security products.



Please note that the finished manufactured product will be much smaller than the concept model. Please see the demo section for a better idea of what the final product will look like.